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The New Facebook

So facebook gave itself the most dramatic face lift it has seen in its four year life.  Along with layout and interactivity, the face lift has made it easier to integrate other websites such as Flikr, Youtube and Pandora.

Right now, I'm just posting this to see if facebook can finally import LiveJournal RSS feeds.  We shall see, we shall see.

"If that's moving up, then I'm moving out"


Sydney Video Diary - Holiday Travels

Debut in Online Journalism

So I've been writing for a quirky Australian online magazine known as kluster.  It's quite random, but attempts to profile underground or at least less-than-mainstream culture in Sydney.  The last issue dealt primarily with movies.  My small piece was on Dendy Cinemas, two of the independent cinemas around the city.  One is located on the ever-popular Circular Quay and the other is located just down the street from me in Newtown.

Coming back to it after nearly two months of writing it, I'm not too pleased with it, but you might enjoy it:

My small profile of Dendy Cinemas

"And we all will praise the infanta"



Random Fireworks

There were fireworks outside of my window.

Out of nowhere, a modest display of pyrotechnics jumped into life, without introduction or explanation.  The small bursts of red, gold and blue continued for about five minutes and then died away, followed by a far off din of applause.

Now how's THAT for random?

"All the girls pose the same four pictures"


Senseless Agression

Recently I've had the inexplicable urge to cross-check passing bicyclists off their bikes.

I mean, I haven't done it and I probably won't, but there's something about them that makes me wanna tackle them right off their seats and into a phone booth.

"Honey, did you forget to take your meds?"


Quest for an Ink Cartridge

It's amazing how searching for the smallest things can turn into epic quests when you're abroad.  I recently acquired a printer free of charge from a friend and it shortly thereafter ran out of ink.  This didn't really bother me (I had received the printer free of charge, so what was one print cartridge to me?) ... that was until I needed to print something today.  It quickly occurred to me that I had no idea even where to begin to look to buy a new ink cartridge.  In the States, I'd just hop on over to Staples, Target or any other number of the six dozen or so places that sold computer supplies.  However, none of the expected places around IH carried what I needed.  In the end, I had to walk across campus to an office supply store.  At least the walk was nice.

I should probably invest in a yellow pages directory of some kind.

"Those school uniforms made a joke of me and you"


Return to the Rocks

Wanting to enjoy the spontaneous return of beautiful weather, I walked up to the harbour for dinner and some sight-seeing.  I absolutely love The Rocks in the evening.  In the middle of a sparkling urban sprawl, there sits a quaint neighbourhood lined with bleached red-brick houses and sandstone buildings.  Running along the west shore of Sydney Cove, The Rocks extends from Circular Quay all the way to the southern foot of the majestic Harbour Bridge.  Even though the streets are lined with stores of no less pomp and renown than Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana, the low-rise 19th century facades lends an irresistible charm to the place.  This is all helped, of course, by the Opera House darting in and out of view on your right as you make your way up the street.

The true megalithic nature of the Harbour Bridge cannot be fully appreciated unless you are standing under it.  By the time you reach the base of the bridge via The Rocks, you have had the thing growing ever larger in your sights for a good fifteen minutes.  It is of nearly incomprehensible proportions; 1,650 feet long, 161 feet wide (the widest of its kind in the world), 161 feet from the water and 456 feet tall (give or take 7 inches of steel expansion on a hot day).  This is a structure which took nearly a decade to build and contains over six million hand-driven rivets holding its 52,800 tonnes (that's over 116 million pounds) together.  But all of these numbers are meaningless unless you actually get up close and personal with the thing.  You should see it, that's all I'm really saying.

"Right now I can't think of anything better than sit down at the piano and write this tune"

Ugh,  getting sick.

Sore throat, cough, losing the voice.

Going to be a fantabulous weekend.

"She's got everything he wants, she's got everything he needs, take her back, take her back, take her back, take her back, take her back, take her back to her place"